Building for the future

Building for the future is a concept that can be considered even on building an extension. In the UK today, there are new developments being built that are adopting new criteria to build estates. One of the leading organisations in this area are CABE (The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) who have a Building for Life standard that they are trying to promote for new housing developments.

Here at Costclick we hope to take these principles to make people in the UK aware of steps that they can take to consider and apply these recommendations to your extension.

  • Good design can improve peoples quality of life and wellbeing
  • Design considerations can help cut down crime
  • Drive and parking layouts are points to consider in the design
  • A good design will make sure the design is fit for the purpose, looks good and blends with the existing house and area
  • Considerations such as window sizes, positions, to allow more natural light and provide good views such as bay and corner windows
  • A well designed extension can add extra to value to the entire property
  • Lighting to be considered, sustainable materials, eco-friendly approach and considerations,
  • Using good designs can help us to live and build more efficiently from cost perpsectives, including designs that allow for flexibility in the future
  • Sustainability, energy efficiency, insulation

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