Can you build what is on the plan?

May sound like a simple question, but it will be the builders job to make sure the plans are readable, and buildable!

The answer to this will more often than not be yes. However, depending on who has drawn the plans, errors can be made in the drawings or measuring the existing house and area available that can create problems. Also, where the extension joins the existing house may require some critical information on levels or structural support, is this included on the plans?

This is where you need to make sure the plans you are hoping to get built are possible. Measurements of the extension need to be correct, especially if joining a boundary to a neighbour, the width and height need to be checked and approved by planning to ensure that there are no boundary disputes created that can cause lengthy delays if the project grinds to a halt. From plans, gauging the pitch of a roof or the amount of light it will block out to a neighbour is not always easily visible, but the planners should pick this up before approving your plans for building. In addition, some architects are more design and planning based, as opposed to technical. This is not generally a problem, as they will design an extension that you want, and will be perfectly acceptable for planning, however, if the extension is of a slightly different design, and more unusual materials are specified, the builder may requrie more specific detailed information.



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