Do you need any more information on the materials and specification?

An important question to ask! Firstly, it is worthwhile that you have taken the time to specify the materials you want the builder to use. In some instances this may be very straight forward - as easy as asking them to 'match the existing'. This way you are asking your builder to keep the same style, match the patterns of skirtings, architraves, doors, ironmongery- everything that is visible. This will help to provide a look and feel of continuity, helping the new extension blend in with the existing part of the house.

Alternatively, you may want to start changing the look and style of your home, this is where you should do some window shopping, find out the names and styles of what you have seen, and put these into your specification - there is nothing wrong with telling your builder where you saw it for them to check it, they will probably appreciate it.

If this section of preparing your tender package is overlooked, and the builders does not ask you the same question, it is most likely that any changes will cost you more money. From the builders perspective, the more information that you give them the easier their job pricing your extension will be, and be more accurate. Remember, builders are in business to make money - not lose it. Therefore, if they are uncertain of anything when pricing as there is not enough detail, they will either qualify their quote to that effect, saying they did not have enough information, or they will allow a contingency to make sure they are covered financially - whis is not the best information for you.

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