First Fix

The first fixing part of your project will start when most of the structural elements of the project are done, and there will be a covering on the roof, ready to start inside. The first fixing involves three main trades to work together, and to be programmed in in the correct sequence





Whilst they are working, it is usually a good time to get the window installers or glazers in and the external doors fitted, so that when the first fix is complete, your building is dry and safe from the elements.
At this stage you will need to know where you will require switches, sockets, radiators, wc’s, baths, kitchen appliances, dishwashers etc as this is when the cables and pipe’s are installed ready. Changing your mind after is likely to add cost, delay the project, and make any re-plastering more difficult, and in turn time consuming to make good.
It is also very important, more so with the electrician and plumber that they come and view your existing systems and circuits before quoting.

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