Project Opportunity Analysis

We believe that to get the most out of a project such as building an extension, you have to put time into it.

One valuabe process that we recommend you take time to complete is to take 15-30 minutes, before you do anything and go through a quick Project Opportunity Analysis. A Project Opportunity Analysis is a simple brainstorm thought process, three questions with a number of answers for each question - a simple POA is shown below:

  • What do we really need from our extension?
    • A new bedroom
    • A seperate dining room as the kitchen diner is now too small with the children growing up
  • What we would like?
  • If we have the space and money (and can get the planning permission) ultimately what would we ideally want?
    • A garage
    • A new drive
    • A 2nd new bedroom
    • A new kitchen
    • A downstairs cloakroom

This list does not have to be exhaustive, you can make it as long or short as you wish. By going through this process, you will bring as many ideas to the table to achieve your ultimate extension, it will help to give your architect a great design brief to work with, he should have a good idea of what he thinks he can get planning for and what he can't.

Use this to work with your architect, ask your architect the right questions and establish his fees based on what you want at the outset. It will help you to talk through the build with your builder so they can make you aware of critical times when they will need to have certain information from you, without either stopping work, or having to undo work, helping you to save you money. If you think of something when the plans are already drawn, and need to change them, or re-submit for planning or a worse case scenario, moving walls and work already built by your builder as you have only just thought of something, these are likely to cost you more money.

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