Questions to ask your Architect

An architect is a person who is involved in the planning, design, and oversight of a building's construction. In its broadest sense, an architect is a person who translates a user's requirements into a built environment.

Architects must also understand the various methods available to the builder for building the client's structure, so that he or she can negotiate with the client to produce a best possible compromise of the results desired within explicit cost and time boundaries.

Architects can provide a range of services. Find out what services your architect supplies, how they charge for them and how much input you would like them to have, they will all have a scale of charges, and are often happy to tailor make a service to suit your requirements.

How do you charge for your services?
What information do I have to give you the architect as a brief?
What information do you provide on the materials and/or specification?
Service - Does it involve the preparation of plans only or is site supervision included?
What guarantees and warranties will you give?
How long does your part of the project take?
What will be the key milestone dates for the design work, approvals and construction?
Can you supply any references or do you have a portfolio?
Will you break your price down into stages of work for stage payments?
What recognised professional institution do you belong to?
What type of projects have they worked on before?

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