Questions to ask your builder?

There will be many questions that you will want and need to ask your builder. In general they will be broken down into two main catagories, questions to ask in selecting your builder, and questions to ask your chosen builder when the work starts.

We have another section that relates to selecting your builder as this will contain some important and necessary points that are best kept seperate.

Have you got enough information to give an accurate quote?
Can you build what is on the plan?
Do you need any more information on the materials or specification?
Can you let us know how long you think the project will take?
Can you clarify your final price is inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
Do you have insurance?
What guarantees and warranties will you give?
Can you supply any references or do you have a portfolio?
Will you supply your own electricity and water or will you use ours?
Will you need to use our toilet or can you include to bring a portaloo if there is somewhere to put it?
Will you allow to supply and fix temporary protection?
Will you provide relavent certificates for electrial work and gas work, glazing etc?
Will you break your price down into stages of work for stage payments?
Will you allow us to deduct a retention payment through the contract until the work is complete?
What is your defect liability period?
Will you allow to clear all the rubbish and have a clear up at the end?
Can you price on a Labour, Plant and Materials basis, and a labour and plant basis in case I wish to hunt around for deals on materials?

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