Tender Package

When you have your plans and specification, you are pretty much ready to prepare your tender package.

You should select between 3 and 5 builders that you have made contact with to see if they are interested in pricing and can carry out the task of building your extension.

Within your tender package you should, as a minimum enclose the following documents:

In addition to the above, the following documents would also be useful to the builder

  • Electrical layout
  • Plumbing and heating layout

The benefit of putting together a comprehensive tender pack is to obtain 'like for like' quotations, from equally capabale builders. This way you will ensure that you are paying the best price for your extension, you will be able to compare their prices, and any qualifications they may make. From the quotations they return to you, you must make sure you carry out these comparison checks and not just bite at the cheapest, as until you have checked it thoroughly may have a list of items they have not priced and therefore are not included within there quote.


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