The CostClick Budget Calculator

Note: Please complete this section - when you have made your selections, you will be presented with the different packages to purchase.

The CostClick Budget Calculator has been designed to make creating a budget for your proposed extension as quick and easy as possible.

The software behind the calculator has been developed over years of managing the financial aspects of building properties and extensions, and then developed into a user friendly package.

Firstly there are only FOUR main stages for you to complete:

Stage 1 - enter the dimensions of your ground floor, in meters so the calculator can establish an area of your extensions footprint.

Stage 2 - enter how many storey's your extension will have, most extensions will have one or two

Stage 3 - Check the box if you are having a cloakroom or bathroom in your extension

Stage 4 - Check the box if you are having a kitchen or utility room fiited.

These are the four main stages, easy! you will be presented with additional options on specifications that you want to allow for for your kitchen and bathroom as these obviously have financial implications, also the region of the UK that you live.

To view our on-line demo click here [Password Protected]

The Benefits of CostClick

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